Internet marketing methods that attract new and keep old visitors.

Almost 95% of the online population uses the Internet to make a decision about buying or booking, regardless of what the product or service might be!

Internet marketing for those who expect more from the internet!

Internet marketing is the modern way of advertising that offers a variety of options in use of accessible and even free advertising with a focus on targeted groups of users. The fact is that most people have some sort of content on the Internet, but the good news for You is that most people do not optimize in the right direction, which delivers results.

Choosing the right strategy for a particular business is crucial for long-term development of internet business.

Do you have a plan for the development of the strategy?

If you do not, You can consider two options, to design Your own marketing campaign strategy plan and carry it out through work or - to find a marketing agency that will do the job for you. The first approach requires a lot of time, effort and knowledge, while the second option is an expensive investment that not everyone can afford nowadays.

What we offer is the third possibility or our approach, in which, depending on your needs we adapt and set up a marketing campaign strategy, and then we leave it to you with our help and suggestions.

  • We analyze the structure of Your website / webshop !
  • We remove and correct all code errors and imperfections !
  • We create new content according to strategical plan !
  • We maintain internet marketing campaign and monitor its' development !

Astonishing facts about internet marketing

  • First 5 results on Google search engine attract almost 79% of total Internet users clicks.

  • 56% of entrepreneurs agrees with that SEO had the greatest impact on meeting their online goals.

  • 92% of adults use the Internet search engine to find the necessary information online.

  • 78% of Internet users never search beyond the first page of results on the search engine.

  • Adwords is the most famous brand in Internet advertising, which covers 65% of all paid search results on the Internet.

  • Adwords campaigns allow a reach of up to 80% of all Internet users, which makes them the largest advertising network Worldwide.

  • 90% of the total profits of the company Google comes exclusively from digital advertising.

  • Research shows that the first results on the Google search engine gain twice as many clicks from second placed results.

  • The social network Facebook has 1.39 billion people active worldwide and the figure is increasing every year by 14%.

  • Every second, 5 new profiles are created on the Facebook network.

  • 42% of entrepreneurs confirms that Facebook is essential or very important to their business.

  • 30 million companies is currently present on the Facebook network.

  • 92% of internet users check email at least once a day.

  • 44% of email recipients has made at least one purchase or reservation on the basis of the obtained promotional email.

  • For every 10kn spent in email marketing investment return is an average of 450kn.

  • 96% of all internet users have opened email accounts.

  • YouTube is the second largest Internet search engine in the world!

  • Every day a 100 million people views at least one online video from YouTube website.

  • 50% of users views at least one business-related videos, once a week.

  • 70% of web surfers visit the video publisher's website after watching the video.

  • Nicely composed infographics is 30 times more read than text memo!

  • 90% of all sent informations inside a persons' brain is of visual character.

  • Our brain processes the visual content 60 000 times faster than textual.

  • Research shows that the time spent on websites that have a built-in 360° virtual tour is 5 times longer than on those sites that do not have it.

  • 72% of Internet users believe in online comments as much as to the recommendations of family or friends!

  • 4 out of 5 web surfers abandon the purchase or reservation on the basis of negative comments.

  • 94% of the internet population checks online comments before making online purchase or booking!

  • Average customer reads about 11 online comments before the final purchase decision.

  • Companies that have an active blog on the website, on average, generate 70% bigger monthly traffic!

  • Studies show that blogs influence readers' decision to buy 63% more than specialized magazines.

  • Blog allows web sites 435% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links.

  • Content marketing has 65% less investment costs than traditional marketing!