360° Virtual tours - a priceless marketing tool

The simplicity and attractiveness of a virtual tour

Modern information technology

Virtual tours in 360 ° represent the modern way of presentation, superior to conventional photography and video. In addition, they provide the possibility of simultaneous integration of all media (sound, pictures, video and text) for complete multimedia experience.

  • Intuitiveness of virtual tour


    Ease of navigation and high interactivity of the virtual display!

  • Efficiency of virtual tour


    Visitors spend a lot more time on Your website!

  • Mobility of virtual tour


    Possibility of online/offline display on mobile and desktop devices!

  • Innovation of virtual tour


    The openness of the code offers opportunities for innovation!

Effective communication tool

Complete transparency, interactivity and freedom of exploration present a dose of trust and emotional connectivity to visitors in virtual space through which they look around, move and explore.

Virtual tour - Effective communication tool

Free promotion

Every created virtual tour we embed in the most popular mapping system in the world, Google Maps! 360split internet agency offers to its' clients free promotion of virtual tour on the most visited geographical map in the world 24h a day / 365 days a year!!!

*This is an interactive image. Use the mouse cursor for a view of the location from different angles.

8 reasons on why to use 360split virtual displays

Custom design

Each project from our workshop goes out with specially adapted user interface design. In consultation with the client we create customized interactive elements with the idea of strong brand and visual identity promotion, which is exactly our advantage over the others, always new and fresh design that stands out from the crowd.

Full dynamic range

We are one of the few who use the advanced technique of photography by using multiexposure methods. Many avoid it due to demanding post production and longer processing time. The results are attractive, high resolution photos that are characterized by a much wider dynamic range then ordinary pictures.


The Internet is a unique medium where special rules apply and for being different in the right way creates a huge advantage. Virtual tour is not yet standard in the internet world, although this may soon change. Take advantage of that knowledge and be a step ahead of the competition!

Technology of the future

VR technology is growing rapidly thanks to advanced technologies that allow the development of innovation in this sector. Google recently unveiled an application that allows viewing virtual reality via mobile phone, which 360split agency already used and upgraded existing offer with virtual tours compatible with VR application.

Positioning on Google search engine

Studying the behavior of visitors to our virtual tours using analytical tools showed us extremely high rate of interest of users and their desire for research. Comparing time that visitor spends on the website we come to the conclusion that the average surfer spends 75% of time within interactive display which becomes a decisive factor in his final decision. And besides, Google search engine prefers sites where visitors stay for longer periods, and rewards them with better positioning.


Through the past few years at the global level there is a strong shift of focus to mobile devices as the means for marketing and promotion. In our case it requires adjustments of visual content for a variety of mobile platforms to ensure coverage for as many potential users possible. 360split Intenet agency, for some time now, has included in its' offer iOS and Android HTML5 virtual tours customized for mobile devices for maximum range of audience.

Visual attractiveness

Intuitive and easy to navigate, attractive, crisp and vibrant images of our virtual tours further contribute to the growing number of visits and the interest of users, which results in better positioning and better virality on Internet search engines. The well-designed and representative virtual tour can completely replace the sales person any time, 24 hours a day!

Complete story

Beside all the good reasons for placing virtual tour on the web site it is important to stress out how crucial the quality of virtual tour presentation is from the start. That's why we are here to help you with our experience and useful advices, as well as to propose the most optimal solution. Virtual tours can tell the whole story about your service, product, or object informing, in detail, interested visitors through visual and interactive way, offering Your visitors everything that is important for them.